Global Accountability Corp’s Absolute ID Revolutionizes Identity Access Management

April 19, 2024Global Accountability Corp (GAC), a trailblazer in Identity Access Management (IAM), announces its groundbreaking Absolute ID and redefines security standards. With an impressive combined portfolio boasting 113 patents and partnerships with industry leaders like Delmock Technologies Inc. (DTI) and Sentry Enterprises, GAC is at the forefront of innovation.“At GAC, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving challenges of identity management,” says Jim Kinsey, CEO of GAC. “Our partnership with DTI, coupled with our geofencing patent and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology set a new standard for IAM.”GAC’s Absolute ID combines the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) compliant biometric authentication with a secure element to ensure unparalleled security. This innovative approach, combined with DTI’s two decades of experience in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to the federal government, to include the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Education, promises to revolutionize IAM. “I’m so proud to be a part of such an innovative, world changing security initiative,” said Winston DeLattiboudere, CEO of DTI.In the healthcare industry, GAC’s geofencing patent offers real-time data analytics to enhance security and accountability. For example, the Absolute ID mitigates access abuse to the Pyxis MedStation and its pharmaceutical records. In the industrial sector, the NFC enables secure communication and checklists for employees servicing power grids and energy storage systems.Across a broad range of industries, biometrics create a secure and reliable way to access a system or application, as the data on your one-of-a-kind physical traits can’t be shared, lost, replicated, or guessed. “Decentralizing that data adds to the difficulty of stealing a user’s identity. It also reduces the requirement to memorize dozens of passwords or store tokens. This reduces the attack surface on both ends, enhancing the level of security and reducing the complexity of securing applications and systems,” said Darren Wieder, Senior VP of Sales, Sentry Enterprises. “We manufacture all of ourproducts in the US, have over 100 patents and our Absolute Trust solutions include Crypto Wallet, Passwordless Authentication, Self-Sovereign Identity, Physical Security and Radiance Illuminated Cards,” he added.GAC’s focus on law enforcement is equally transformative, with a survey feature linked to an officer’s ID card enabling direct communication with their supervisor. This promotes transparency, accountability, de-escalation and ultimately safety, making it a crucial tool for improving community relations. The non profit research institute RTI International wrote a landscape study on this technology which was ultimately reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Please reference:“Our Absolute ID’s applications span various industries, but the core purpose remains the same — verifying identity through biometrics and combating both fraud and malintent,” adds Kinsey. As the world becomes increasingly digital, GAC’s Absolute ID is set to redefine the way identity is presented and verified to ensure a safer and more secure future for all.”

Montana based Global Accountability Corp. featured in a U.S. Department of Justice supported Landscape Report

July 21, 2023“We are humbled to have our Police Smart Card chosen to be profiled in RTI International’s Landscape Study,” said Jim Kinsey, CEO of Global Accountability Corp. (GAC). The patented secure identity card features both Near Field Communication (NFC) and quick response (QR) technologies as well as a built-in survey feature set that provides critical de-escalation tools for law enforcement. Further, it provides an immediate and measurable means for positive validation for law enforcement officers with the survey feature at a critical time where tensions are high and morale is low in police departments across the country. “The technology we created was in response to the need we have, as a society, to preserve trust, transparency and the integrity of law enforcement engaging with our community,” Kinsey added.
The study title is “Measuring Community Sentiment and Perceptions of Safety and Law Enforcement Performance.” It was authored by the non-profit group RTI International from Innovation Advisors and the Applied Justice Research Division. They are directly supported by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs of the U.S. Department of Justice. Read this landscape study here:
A Landscape Report on Measuring Community Sentiment and Perceptions of Safety and Law Enforcement Performance
In terms of its application, officers present their Police Smart Card, to a citizen for them to ‘tap’ the card with their smartphone and receive the officer’s full badge number, profile and contact information – including their supervisor’s information too. Once the citizen downloads the officer’s vCard, with the incident report number attached, they have the opportunity to leave a survey detailing their experience. With the release of GAC’s Global Admin Panel, departments have the ability to collect data analytics in real-time and identify opportunities for improvement. Regardless, communication and transparency are improved.
“We look forward to seeing how our technology can have a measurable impact for law enforcement and our communities as well as how we can evolve to meet their changing needs,” Kinsey stated. GAC is a privately held corporation founded in Missoula, Montana in 2020.

Global Accountability Corp. (GAC) will be exhibiting their latest technology

Global Accountability Corp. (GAC) will be exhibiting their latest technology – the Sheriff ID card, at the 2023 National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Annual Conference taking place at the DeVos Place Convention Center, Grand Rapids, MI, from June 26-29, 2023. GAC will be in BOOTH #337, demonstrating the Sheriff ID.The NSA Annual Conference is the ideal place to learn about new and innovative products and equipment for the purpose of effectively carrying out every aspect of law enforcement work. At the request of several deputies who attended last year’s NSA Annual Conference, GAC created the Sheriff ID that aims to make the jobs of deputies easier and safer with new and unique technology such as:
• Enhanced RFID Technology• Upgraded Fingerprint Analysis Access• Administrative Tools & State of The Art Admin Panel• Customizable Design Options
Global Accountability Corp is a pioneering technology company at the forefront of revolutionizing secure communication and identity verification. With our patented geo-fencing technology and in partnership with Sentry Enterprises, we have combined two technologies and developed an innovative solution that pairs two devices for secure communication, enabling secondary users to engage with the primary user for the sole purpose of identity verification and conducting patron surveys and feedback.
Global Accountability Corp., in addition to the Sheriff ID, has developed the Police Smart Card, card for law enforcement, and The Absolute ID, a new Decentralized Identity Management System. GAC has been invited to exhibit the Absolute ID at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange. Vizient, Inc, the nation’s largest member-driven healthcare performance improvement company, will hold the Exchange on October 3, 2023, in Grapevine, Texas.

Global Accountability Corp Selected to Exhibit The Absolute ID at Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange

Grapevine, TX, OCT 3, 2023— Global Accountability Corp. has been selected to exhibit “The Absolute ID”, a new Decentralized Identity Management System at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange. Vizient, Inc, the nation’s largest member-driven healthcare performance improvement company, will hold the Exchange on Oct. 3 in Grapevine, Texas.The annual Innovative Technology Exchange offers selected suppliers the unique opportunity to demonstrate their product or service to supply chain and clinical leaders from Vizient’s member hospitals and subject matter experts who serve on their supply councils. Each product or service will showcase how it improves clinical outcomes, enhances safety, or drives incremental improvements to health care delivery or business models.
The Absolute ID is a new approach to providing a decentralized Identity Access Management (IAM) system to the healthcare industry. Once a user biometrically authenticates the credential, a microprocessor validates the match making it discoverable during the transaction, whether opening a door, logging into a computer, or verifying your identity.
Providing Absolute Identity inside a healthcare facility will mitigate risk while giving facilitators peace of mind that the personnel inside your organization have been verified by a device that has a biometric computer with over 60 components that addresses use cases far beyond just physical entry. When factoring in the multiple utilities the Absolute Identity Card has, it provides an immediate ROI!
“We are very excited to bring the Absolute ID to the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange,” said Jim Kinsey, CEO Global Accountability Corp. “Our Mission is to provide a Decentralized IAM System for all healthcare professionals, in an easy-to-use platform that’s universally accepted.”
“Suppliers apply to attend the Exchange hoping their product will be awarded an Innovative Technology contract, which signals health care providers of their product’s unique qualities,” said Kelly Flaharty, senior director of contract services, Vizient. “The selection process for suppliers who exhibit at the Exchange is rigorous, and this technology has earned its coveted invitation to the event.”
The annual Innovative Technology Exchange is part of Vizient’s Innovative Technology Program that includes product review of supplier-submitted technologies by member-led councils and task forces. Since 2003, Vizient has reviewed over 1,600 product submissions as part of its Innovative Technology Program.
About Global Accountability Corp.
Global Accountability Corp is a privately held company that has developed and patented this revolutionary new technology that utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) for identification purposes, as well as a survey feature set. NFC is a technology that enables wireless communication between devices that are near each other, typically within a few centimeters. This technology is commonly used for contactless payments and access control systems.

Digital ID update for cops’, clergy’s traditional cards may also improve accountability

Global Accountability (GAC) and Sentry Enterprises say they will market an NFC business card in June that police officers can hand to members of the public.The new card is scanned by the phone of someone interacting with an officer, which makes it less likely to be taken and misused by a criminal.
It has a Global Accountability near-field communications antenna and a QR code with which to share data with a witness, for example. Sentry is embedding its biometric authentication capabilities in the cards.
According to the companies, the technology will change how officers interact with citizens and improve ID verification.
(It is interesting to note that a similar setup now is in place in some Catholic churches of France. ID cards bearing QR codes let people know a priest’s rights to perform parish functions. The program was conceived in large part as a way to keep clergy accused of sexual assault away from potential victims.)
The companies say the GAC identity access-management product is designed to minimize conversation between an officer and a citizen, which they say will de-escalate interactions.
“We now have a product that will change the face of IAM forever while being universally accepted in a decentralized fashion,” says Jim Kinsey, CEO of Global Accountability.
Officers typically use business cards as part of their proof of identity and to give people incident numbers after an interaction. However, the practice makes it possible for people to pose as police.
Through a QR code snapshot, citizens will be able to capture an officer’s identification on their phones, access data about incidents and participate in surveys.
The IAM product is expected to enable supervisors to view performance analytics and reports about individual officers. It also tracks the times a member of the public accesses their profile, downloads an officer’s vcard or submits a survey.
In early 2022, Sentry raised $13 million in a series D funding round. The company said the money would go toward scaling its operations and investing in card maker X-Core Technologies‘ biometric identity platform.
Published on Biometric May 16. 2023.

Global Accountability Corp: Revolutionizing Secure Communication and Identity Verification through Geo-Fencing Patent

May 12, 2023Introduction:
Global Accountability Corp is a pioneering technology company at the forefront of revolutionizing secure communication and identity verification. With our patent-pending geo-fencing technology, we have developed an innovative solution that pairs two devices for secure communication, enabling secondary users to engage with the primary user for the sole purpose of identity verification and conducting patron surveys and feedback. This breakthrough technology is set to transform the way organizations ensure accountability, protect user privacy, and enhance customer experiences.
Geo-Fencing Technology:
Our patent-pending geo-fencing technology forms the foundation of our secure communication and identity verification system. Geo-fencing is a location-based service that uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to create virtual boundaries, allowing us to establish a secure perimeter around a designated area or device. This enables us to facilitate secure communication between primary and secondary users while ensuring the privacy and security of all parties involved.
Use Case: Secure Communication and Identity Verification:
One of the primary applications of our geo-fencing patent is secure communication and identity verification. Traditional methods of identity verification often involve sharing sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers or passwords, which can be prone to identity theft and fraud. However, with our revolutionary technology, secondary users can securely connect with the primary user by establishing a geo-fence around them.
Through our system, secondary users can initiate communication with the primary user for the sole purpose of identity verification. This can be particularly beneficial in scenarios such as online transactions, appointment scheduling, or remote customer support. By pairing the devices within the geo-fenced area, our technology enables real-time identity verification without compromising user privacy or security.
Use Case: Patron Survey and Feedback:
In addition to secure communication and identity verification, our geo-fencing technology also facilitates the collection of patron surveys and feedback. Many businesses and organizations rely on valuable insights from their customers to enhance their products, services, and overall customer experiences. However, traditional survey methods can be limited in reach and effectiveness.
With our technology, businesses can establish geo-fenced areas within their premises or designated locations. Secondary users, such as customers or visitors, can voluntarily engage with the primary user’s device to provide valuable feedback through surveys, ratings, or comments. This enables organizations to gather real-time feedback, improve customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their offerings.
Global Accountability Corp’s patent-pending geo-fencing technology is poised to revolutionize secure communication and identity verification. By pairing two devices within a geo-fenced area, our innovative solution ensures the privacy and security of all parties involved, while enabling seamless identity verification and facilitating patron survey and feedback. With our technology, businesses and organizations can achieve global accountability, protect user privacy, and enhance customer experiences in a truly groundbreaking way.

Global Accountability Corp and Sentry Enterprises announce strategic partnership to revolutionize Identity Access Management

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA – May 9, 2023 – Sentry Enterprises, a cutting-edge company that is transforming what identity means across the physical and digital worlds, announces a partnership with Global Accountability Corp. (GAC), a technology company that specializes in Near-field Communication technology with a patron survey feature set. This partnership will revolutionize Identity Access Management (IAM) and ensure transparency with absolute proof of identity.The partnership between GAC and Sentry Enterprises brings together two innovative technologies to create a comprehensive IAM solution that is secure, efficient, and user-friendly. A unique application is the Police Smart Card, a disruptive technology that will change the way law enforcement interacts with the public. With GAC’s Near-field Communication technology and Sentry Enterprises’ biometric authentication, the Police Smart Card offers a seamless and secure way to authenticate and verify identities in a decentralized environment.
“We are proud to partner with Sentry Enterprises and their revolutionary technology,” said Jim Kinsey, CEO of Global Accountability Corporation. “We feel that by adding our IP to what they have created, we now have a product that will change the face of IAM forever while being universally accepted in a decentralized fashion.”
For years, law enforcement officers have used paper business cards to provide proof of identity, along with an incident number and other vital case information for a citizen. These outdated paper cards can be easily lost, leaving the citizen with no information about their incident or the officer involved. Even worse, imposters can copy the paper card use it to pose as a legitimate law enforcement officer, endangering lives and shining a harsh light on a local department.
This proprietary technology easily resolves the issues with paper cards by transmitting information only when the officer provides a biometric proof of identity that is embedded in the card. In addition, the card integrates with many access control systems, providing convenience. Sentry’s end-to-end biometric platform addresses user controlled, absolute proof-of-identity. The universal identity platform delivers biometric authentication that quickly provides proof-positive identification when an officer engages with the public. Biometric authentication is a critical factor when trust and absolute proof of identity is required.
“We are thrilled to partner with GAC and bring our technologies together to create a game changing IAM solution,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. “Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest level of security and convenience, and this partnership will help us achieve that goal.”
Utilizing unique and quantitative methods, this game changing IAM technology has the power to keep the conversation between officer and citizen to a minimum, helping to de-escalate the interaction from the beginning, saving time, money, and human lives. With a simple snapshot of a QR code, the citizen can:

Capture the officer’s identification and contact information, then store it safely in their phone.
Access the incident information and other vital information.
Complete a survey to help department officials identify to commend officers or to identify training opportunities.

Each department will have access to a controlled and secure administration panel, where officials can view data analytics and reports on each officer. This panel includes the number of times citizens have accessed the officer’s profile, downloaded their vCard, submitted a survey, along with additional analytics. This technology assures accountability and transparency for the department, while helping with officer retention by allowing them to see their positive impact on the community.
The Police Smart Card is just one game-changing application of the partnership between GAC and Sentry Enterprises. This new frontier for Identity Access Management technology will allow rapid adoption for businesses of all sizes and industries. The new product is expected to launch in June of 2023.
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About Global Accountability Corp:
Global Accountability Corp is a technology company that specializes in Near-field Communication technology with a patron survey feature set. The company’s patent-pending technology provides secure and efficient identification solutions for a wide range of industries with a featured packed Global Admin Panel.
About Sentry Enterprises:
Sentry Enterprises is a vertically integrated solutions provider based in the United States. The company produces and offers a proprietary and patented biometric platform focused on providing enterprise organizations an absolute proof-of-identity. For more information about Sentry Enterprises, please visit